Before Windows 10, there is not much time left, but not all users are interested in switching to it, most continue to use Windows 7 and does not plan to go anywhere. It’s clear that the time of the super popular Windows XP has passed, even its support has been discontinued. However, a vast number of companies and organizations still use it. They do not have the opportunity to upgrade to a newer version either due to lack of funding for software, or limited hardware capabilities. If many people have switched over to Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 are mostly used by laptop owners who purchased them with a preinstalled operating system, as well as those companies that have recently acquired licensed software. That is why the course “M50331 Technical support for Windows 7 in the corporate environment “remains relevant even today, on the eve of the release of Windows 10.

Who is this course for? First and foremost, for technical support specialists of large companies in which the hierarchical structure of the IT service is implemented, which allows to react promptly to incidents, to direct them to those specialists who can solve them quickly, in this case, there are experts in the first and second level of support , if we talk about the Service Desk and its implementation in practice. Also, this course will be of interest to those specialists in IT departments who are engaged in technical support for users (if there is a separation between system administrators working with servers and service engineers, on whose shoulders lies the rest). Yes, and universal specialists – a wide range of sysadmins, the course will not be superfluous, especially if they have to solve all the problems that arise, without a clear division into areas of responsibility. In most government structures, such a scheme is implemented, so knowledge of this kind will not be superfluous.

What is necessary to know and be able to master the materials in the volume of this course successfully? As you already understood, you cannot call it essential, so all potential listeners need to be able not only to install and configure Windows 7 but also be able to work with administrative utilities, know the most common problems when working with TCP / IP protocol, be able to work with the Active Directory service Directory, etc. In fact, the main category of listeners has experienced support staff or novice system administrators who need to increase the competence in the management and support of Windows 7 at the corporate level, i.e., In an extensive network with a complex or distributed structure. In the end, modern technology allows you to solve most of the problems of users remotely, and not run from office to office,

In June and July this course will be read in Saratov and Samara, so if you are interested in this proposal, then you can get acquainted with the course program and decide on further training. Come, it will be interesting!

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