Using, Fixing, and Assimilating to Technology as a Mom

The Following is a Post from One of Our Contributors:

I am a working mom and time management I so important. I have found that infants get sick very often, well maybe not all but my baby sure has this winter. Not only that, but my laptop has been fixed so many times that I lost count. Sitting at a doctor’s office waiting to be seen is very much idle time. I have a blackberry and it syncs to my work email account. I am able to just catch up and keep things going while I am waiting for my son to be seen.

I also find it helpful when my son is crying but I need to ask my husband to do something. Instead of calling, I will just send him an email from my phone rather then having to deal with a crying baby and trying to boot up my computer. I also know if he responds rather then having to keep checking my account. VERY HELPFUL! I have a Blackberry Pearl and just love it. The phone is not very bulky or big but the buttons are easy to access. The screen really grabs my son’s attention and he is always staring at the screen and he pays so much attention.

I love using this to keep track of doctor’s appointments and work meeting all in one place! . Having a PDA style phone has just make my life so much easier esp, when I am just running a mile a minute. For those mom’s out there that are always on the go (what mom isn’t?), I highly recommend a PDA if you don’t have one.…

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