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Windows 7: Folder Options

Windows 7 Folder Options

Folder Options is where the user controls the attributes and behavior of folders. In this screen, accessed from the Control Panel, you are able to change the way files and folders function, and how items are displayed on your computer. 

When you open the Folder Options there are three tabs – General, View, and Search. The General tab allows you to set the options for how folders behave when they are opened.

It also allows you to set the click options for opening a file or a folder. You can set it so that files and folders open with a single click or a double click. The Navigation Pane option allows you to set how folders are shown and expanded.

The View tab allows you to control how folders are viewed by applying the current view setting to all folders on the computer. It also gives access to the Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings contains many different options for controlling the behavior of icons, files and folders. Some of these include whether to always show icons and never thumbnails, whether to display file sizes in folder tips, and whether to show hidden files, folders and drives.

The Search tab controls what to search, how to search, and search behavior when searching non-indexed locations. 


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