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 Windows 7 Deployment

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Windows 8

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Cloud Computing

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Windows 7 Training

Windows 7 Training

Windows 7 Update: Comprehensive Windows 7 News

Welcome to Windows 7 Update

Welcome to Windows 7 Update.

We are a fan site and are NOT affiliated with Microsoft in any way.

My name is Onuora Amobi and I am the author of the Windows 7 Deployment Guide.

I am also the author of the Case for Windows 8 - A guide for those of you who are looking for news on Windows 8. You can download the guide for free here.

You can get the most current Windows 8 News at our sister site Windows8update.com.

You can learn more about Windows 7 migration and deploying Windows 7 at our sister site - Windows7DeploymentGuide.com

This is a community based site so we encourage you to help. If you have Windows 7 news, tips, wallpapers, software etc, feel free to send us an email with our contact form.

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Read on for more Windows 7 news...

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New! Windows Phone 7
This is a new section where we talk a little about the new mobile operating system from Microsoft. Windows Phone 7. Coming out during the holiday season in 2010, we compare this to Android and Apple OS4.
Windows 7 Articles
We have compiled a nice archive of Windows 7 articles from some of these writers. We are also open to submissions from the public so if you would like to write an article for us, send it in here...
Site Updates
This site changes every single day. If you want a quick and straightforward way to keep track of these news updates, we have them all on one page..
Windows 7 Features
From the new networking functionality to virtualization, Windows 7 is packed with a lot of new and exciting features scenarios. We go in depth through the features.
Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7
Windows7Update.com is proud to recommend Zinstall for your move from Windows XP to Windows 7. Zinstall is a virtualization package that builds a Windows XP machine within your new edition of Windows 7 – complete with all your old files, folders and programs. Learn more...
Windows 7 Training
It's important to get the right Windows 7 training from qualified training organizations and resources. We recommend some here.
Ask Your Windows 7 Questions
My drivers don't work. How do I change the volume? What about my Windows XP applications? You can ask your questions about Windows 7 here.
New! Windows 7 Deployment
A new section about deploying and installing Windows 7. From zero touch installations to light touch etc, we will walk you guys through the corporate installs..
Windows 7 Resource Center
Check out Windows 7 eBooks, Books, White Papers, Videos and Webcasts that will help you better understand how to deply, leverage and mange Windows 7.
Windows 7 Software/Hardware Reviews
We have started looking at some of the more useful software applications that will run on Windows 7. From utilities to games to antivirus programs and more, we will be reviewing them here.
New! Windows 7 Forums
We are reintroducing our new and revamped forums. In the Windows 7 Forums, you can reach out and share information with other visitors from around the world interested in Windows 7.
New! Get Windows 7 Technical Support
In light of all the requests we have been receiving for technical support, we have partnered with justanswer.com to help you get your Windows 7 technical questions answered.
Windows 7 Enterprise
If you want to learn about the Enterprise version of Windows 7 and what some of the enterprise functionality will be, this is the place to start.
Upgrading to Windows 7
How do I upgrade my computer from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7? Is there a direct path to & from Windows XP? We take the time to walk you through different upgrade scenarios.
Windows 7 Resources
We tried to think about what types of tools and resources you guys would like to see regarding Windows 7. From screensavers to wallpaper, we have gone through and tried to assemble a useful list of resources for you.
Windows 7 Videos
We have taken the time to compile a bunch of Videos from all across the web related to Microsoft Windows 7 
Windows 7 Security
Windows Vista was designed to be more secure than Windows XP. Windows 7 has even more security features baked into it. Let's explore...
Windows 7 Themes Windows 7 Wallpapers
Windows 7 Drivers Windows 7 Consulting
Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Windows 7 64 Bit
Windows 7 Versions Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows 7 News Windows 7 Hackers-My Editorial
Things I want to see in Windows 8
Now that 7 is out, we are starting to look ahead. Here are some things that I think would make a lot of sense in Windows 8 when it arrives.
Windows 7 Launch Photographs and Windows 7 Print Ads
October 22nd has come and gone and Windows 7 is now available throughout the world. While the celebrations and press were (relatively) low key, there were still some noteworthy images.  

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